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100% protection of your touch screen

Screenshield foil was developed to protect the finish of sport cars and now it is available to you. Screenshield films offer a revolutionary way of protecting your device. A combination of 100% screen protection with the option of a personalized skin guarantees uniqueness, originality and full protection of your smartphone, tablet PC, e-reader or other device with touch-screen display functionality.

Screenshield from Skinzone offers:

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Reclamation Regulations

Skinzone s.r.o., seated in Praha 9 – Hrdlořezy, Hrdlořezská 211/12a, PSČ 190 00, id. no. 285 22 079, registered with the Municipal Court in Praque, Section C, Insert 147754 (hereinafter „Screenshield“) is issuing as a Seller in accordance with relevant legal regulations these:

Reclamation Regulations for the internet shop – www.screenshield.com

which regulates the conditions under which may Buyer claim his/her´s right to return goods to ScreenShield or free reparation of the product bought on the internet shop www.screenshield.com within the Operator´s warranty, eventually other right as stated below.
Ownership title to a product shall pass to the Buyer when ordered products and/or services have been taken over and paid for.
The warranty period starts to run, when the Buyer takes over the delivery. If Screenshield or the manufacturer doesn´t state longer period, the warranty period shall be 24 months from taking over the goods. The warranty period is usually stated in the Certificate of warranty that is attached to the product. If there hasn´t been any Certificate of warranty issued, the common period of warranty (24 months) or the period stated in the evidence of purchase, if longer than 24 months, shall be applied.

I.   The return of a Product
Buyer has a right:
1.    1. Not to take over the goods that have been purchased on the internet shop www.screenshield.com, from the carrier if other type of goods have been delivered instead or if the goods´ delivery has contradicted the Contract of purchase (Buyer´s order), the goods have been delivered in damaged packaging or if the goods´relevant tax or selling documents are missing. Where the product being taken over by Buyer isn´t in conformity with the purchase contract, Buyer is entitled to have the product restored by Seller to a condition corresponding to the Contract of purchase free of charge and without a delay and this is to be done according to Buyers requirement either by a replacement of the product concerned or by it´s repair; Where this procedure isn´t feasible, Buyer may require an appropriate price reduction or he may withraw from the Contract. Seller recognizes the non-conformity with the Contract of purchase, which becomes apparent within six months of taking over the product if from the nature of the matter doesn´t result that Buyer must have noticed the non-conformity while taking over the product.
2.    2. To return the product, without stating any reason and without any sanction, within 14 days from a proveable taking over the product under condition that the product hasn´t been used and is still in it´s original packaging including all it´s accessories.
Buyer of the internet shop www.screenshield.com may return the product by post to the following address:

Skinzone s.r.o.
V Zahrádkách 2756/5
130 00 Praha 3 Žižkov

II.    Reclamation
1.    1. If during the warranty period any irremovable defect, that would make a proper usage of the product impossible, occurs, Buyer shall be entitled to have such defect removed free of charge. If the defect is removable and the product still hasn´t been used Buyer may require the replacement of the product instead of the defect removal. In the case of irremovable defect, that would make a proper usage of the product impossible, Buyer is entitled to have the product replaced or he/she may withdraw from the contract.
2.   2. The reclamation shall be applied by sending to postal address as stated above. An emploee of Screenshield shall decide about the rightfulness of the reclamation immediately, in copmlicated cases within 3 working days. The warranty doesn´t apply to a defect of a product caused by Buyer´s fault.

III.    Conditions of Reclamation Acceptance
The Reclamation can be accepted only after proving the following matters of fact:
•   The defect has appeared during the Warranty period- for this purpose Buyer shall present a Certificate of Warranty, which has been fully and duly filled in. The Certificate of Warranty must clearly state the date of purchase, must have Screenshield´s stamp and a signature of Screenshield´s responsible person ( all this only if longer period of Warranty than the common 24 months has been given);
•    The Buyer has purchased the Product in question from Screenshield and he can present a valid proof of purchase on which will be stated the purchase of the reclaimed Product, it´s price and date of purchase
•     The Product has a defect, as a proof Buyer will present the defective Product.
If Buyer doesn´t fulfill all of these conditions stated above properly, the Reclamation won´t be admitted as justified and won´t be processed.

IV.    Reclamation Processing Terms
1.    Justified Reclamations shall be processed without due delay, at the very latest in 30 days from an application of the Reclamation, provided Seller hasn´t made an agreement with Buyer on a longer time-limit. After the lapse of this time-limit Buyer has the same rights as if the product had a irremovable defect.
2.    The defective Product has been exchanged for a new one or if a replacement of the Product´s part has been made, the warranty period of a new Product (or it´s replaced part) starts to run from taking it over by Buyer. The Warranty period shall be prolonged by the time stated in the record of Product´s repair process. The record of Product´s repair process can be made by authorized service only.
3.    The Reclamation is governed by the act no. 40/1964 Coll., Civil Code, and the act no. 634/1992 Coll., on consumer protection.
4.    This Reclamation Regulations are the integral part of General Commercial Conditions.
5.    If as a consequence of any changes made in legal regulations or from other reasons would any appointment of these Reclamation Regulations become invalid or ineffective, these appointments will be harmonized with the rule of law and the other appointments of the Contract will stay valid, provided they don´t contradict the purpose of the Contract or if that the appointments that cannot be separated aren´t concerned.
6.    All the changes, alternations and completions of these Reclamation Regulations are effective at the moment of their publication on www.screenshield.cz. All the changes and alternations of these Reclamation Regulations will comply with all the legal regulations of Czech Republic.
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