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100% protection of your touch screen

Screenshield foil was developed to protect the finish of sport cars and now it is available to you. Screenshield films offer a revolutionary way of protecting your device. A combination of 100% screen protection with the option of a personalized skin guarantees uniqueness, originality and full protection of your smartphone, tablet PC, e-reader or other device with touch-screen display functionality.

Screenshield from Skinzone offers:

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General Commercial Conditions

General Commercial Conditions
I.    Operator and object of activity
ScreenShield is a registered business name of an internet shop selling skins. Film for display shall mean highly durable, translucent protection, whose purpose is mainly protect devices or devices touchscreen against scratches.
Skinzone s.r.o., seated in Praha 3 – Žižkov, Hrdlořezská 211/2a, PSČ 190 00 Praha 9, id. no. 28522079, acting through Petr Svoboda, executive, registered with the Municipal Court in Praque, Section C, Insert 127722 (hereinafter „Operator“) is the operator of the internet portal ScreenShield and ScreenShield, as well as being seller and supplier of other products and services offered on this internet portal. Operator declares that according to the act n. 121/2000 Coll., Copyright Act, as amended, he´s authorized to exercise all the proprietory copyrights to author crafts, which are a part of the Operator´s product and service offer on the internet portal ScreenShield.
User and consumer of the internet portal ScreenShield can be any natural person, who completely and in due form fulfils the conditions, which are stated on the portal (hereinafter „User“). By visiting and using the web sites of ScreenShield the User agrees with these General Comercial Conditions and undertakes to follow them fully and duly.

II.    Personal data processing and their usage
If the access to ScreenShield websites is conditioned by providing personal data, the User is authorized to enter this part of the websites only after filling-in his/her´s correct personal data.
By filling-in the internet order and sending it off the User agrees, until recall (but for the maximum of 10 year period), with the processing of personal data, provided by him, by Operator as the administrator for the purpose of performing the consumer contract of purchase for the purposes of the liability for defects and also for the purposes of product and service offering including sending of information about aranged events, products and other activities, as well as sending of business announcements by the electronic means of distant communication according to the act n. 480/2004 Coll.,however other data can be added on at any time during the above stated period. User acknowledges that he has the rights according to section 11, 21 of the act n. 101/2000 Coll., i.e. particularly that providing personal data is voluntary, that he may always recall his consent to the personal data processing for free, that he has the right to access, correct, block or liquidate the incorrect data, etc. In a case of any doubts about administrator´s fulfilment of his obligations, User may contact with his sugestion the Operator or directly the Office of Personal Data Protection.

III.    The manner of User´s ScreenShield usage
While using the sites, User must not interfere with the appearance, operating principles, safety etc. of ScreenShield websites. Furthermore User must not use these sites to transfer files and in any other way penetrate the parts of the sites that aren´t accessible to the public.
In the ScreenShield database are demonstrated electronically processed photographic, graphic, textual and other materials containing visual, graphic, textual and other motives (hereinafter „Art Work“)
All the Art Works are demonstrated in a reduced format. Each User is authorized to enlarge the Art Work on his computer up to the format, which the application of the internet viewer enables him/her. Each Art Work is identified by it´s own evidence number, name and surname (pseudonym) of the author, as well as eventually other information.
The User is not authorized to use the Art Work in any other way then viewing it. Particularly, User isn´t authorized to do any of the following with the copies or the actual Art Work, which is the part of ScreenShield database; modify or adjust , copy or in any other way multiply, distribute, share with public, in any way spread, transmit, rent, lend, display, apply, reproduce, publish, license, transfer or sell any information. As well as he isn´t authorized to create any collected or derived works out of the Art Work

IV.    Fundamental Provisions for so called „Consumer´s Contracts“
The User is for the purposes of any further provisions of these General Commercial Conditions refered to as „Buyer“ and the Operator is for the purposes of further provisions refered to as „Seller“.
The relationship between Buyer and Seller follows the General Commercial Conditions, which are also binding for both parties, as well as relevant provisions of section 52 of the act n. 40/1964 Coll., Civil Code, as amended.

V.    Registration
The User has the right to enter the sites of ScreenShield or to make an order of products or services that are being offered on these sites, only after properly and fully filling in the registration form. A condition for a successful registration completion is the consent of the User to agree to the General Comercial Conditions (hereinafter „Contract Conditions“). This consent will be granted by the User by ticking off a small field „I do agree with Contract Conditions“, which is placed in the registration form. By completing the registration is the User agreeing to these Contract Conditions and at the same time is expressly accepting all their provisions and he undertakes to follow all the stated conditions without reservation.
If User , who has registered himself/herself before the publication of these Contract Conditions and logs himself/herself on with the reference to the above mentioned registration, then it is supossed that he´s proceeded the registration in an accordance with this clause and that he agrees with Contract Conditions and undertakes to follow them.

VI.    Product Order and Contract Conclusion
Buyer (User) makes a valid and binding electronic order of products offered on ScreenShield only after correct log in (User may log in only after a successful registration completion in accordance with the Contract Conditions) and filling in all the data required by the Order form. Prior to Buyer´s final order confirmation, he´s allowed to make a final check of the entire order and data given by him. In a case that Buyer would like to change any entry given by him, he´ll be authorized to proceed with such a change by pressing down a „back“ button, which will take Buyer back to the previous step of his order. If Buyer agrees with the final appearence of the order, by pressing the „Complete“ button he sends off the order, with final and binding validity, to be processed. Buyer´s order sent of in such a way is binding for him. After receiving Buyer´s order, Seller will send to Buyer´s email address (stated in his/her´s order) an acceptance of the order and Seller´s contacts. Buyer is obliged to immediately carefully check all the information given in this e-mail and in a case of any inaccuracies to contact the Seller without any delay. The order is also a contract proposal. The contract of purchase itself is concluded by the deliverance of the confirming e-mail from Seller. The expenses for the electronic means usage follow a contract between Buyer and his internet conection provider, eventually his provider of electronical comunications. Buyer has also an option to make an order by a phone or fax. Also in this case the order is a contract of purchase proposal. The contract of purchase itself is concluded by the deliverance of acceptance by one of the means of distance communication (e-mail, fax).

VII.    Prices and Payment Conditions
User acknowledges that all prices, which are stated for particular products offered on ScreenShield and in the price-list, which is the integral part of these contract conditions are laid down including 20% VAT and they don´t involve postal and packing charges.
Buyer may pay for the products offered by ScreenShield and ordered by him according to the Contract Conditions in one of the following ways:
  • On-line by banking service „Za mě platí eBanka“ – from 1st October 2007
  • Via Bank Transfer
  • By voucher
All your payments are secured according to the manner of payment and the payment´s mediator – i.e. bank etc. The credit card payments are secured by one of the safest and most reliable payment portals administrated by eBanka, a.s.
Price of every product that is offered on ScreenShield, includes a reward for the Art Work usage within one product, for it´s author (the author of it´s motive, the skin design, which is displayed on the product).
ScreenShield primarily ships within the European Union. For orders from other countries, please ask for our offer by email.

VIII.    Legal liability
Operator declares that he´ll provide all the products and services offered on ScreenShield by such a way to minimalize all possible risks, that could arise through proper usage of products and services to Users or third parties.
Operator isn´t responsible for the way, in which Users use Operator´s products and services. He doesn´t bear the responsibility for the potential misusage of products and services by Users or third parties.
Operator is liable to User for any damage, which he may have caused him/her by breaching a legal obligation or by breaching the Contract Conditions. If any legal regulation doesn´t state otherwise, the Operator is responsible for a damage, which would arise to User or third parties:
a) In consequence or in context of the usage of products and services offered on ScreenShield without a provable fault on Operator´s side;
b) By unauthorized or incorrect usage of a product or a service that is being offered on ScreenShield.

IX.    Closing Provisions
The integral part of Contract Conditions are Reclamation Regulations. Operator is authorized pursuant to his own decision to change, alter and to complete the provisions of the Contract Conditions, Price list of products and/or Reclamation Regulations, at any time.
All the changes, alternations and completions of these Contract Conditions, Price list of products and/or Reclamation Regulations are effective at the moment of their publication on www.ScreenShield.cz. All the changes and alternations of these Contract Conditions, Price list of products and/or Reclamation Regulations will comply with all the legal regulations of Czech Republic.
User is obliged to regularly get acquainted with the changes of these Contract Conditions, Price list of products and/or Reclamation Regulations. If User continues to visit the ScreenShield websites after there have been made any changes to the Contract Conditions, Price list of products and/or Reclamation Regulations by Operator, it´s being understood that the User has agreed with any changes in Contract Conditions without reserve.
These Contract Conditions, Price list of products and/or Reclamation Regulations come into effect at the moment of their publication on www.ScreenShield.cz.
These Contract Conditions, Price list of products and/or Reclamation Regulations are governed by the provisions of act n. 40/1964 Coll., Civill Code, as amended, and by the provisions of act n. 121/2000 Coll., Copyright act, as amended.
If as a consequence of any changes made in legal regulations or from other reasons would any appointment of Contract Conditions, Price list of products and/or Reclamation Regulations become invalid or ineffective, these appointments will be harmonized with the rule of law and the other appointments of the Contract will stay valid, provided they don´t contradict the purpose of the Contract or if the appointments that cannot be separated aren´t concerned.
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